Ferrari – Glory From Birth

In the year of 1939, born out of a race division of Alfa Romeo’s gentlemen racing counterpart and initially known as Auto Avio Costruzioni, a glimmer of a new supercar mogul flashed in the eyes of the founder Enzo Ferrari. Although its official recognition as an automobile company didn’t solidify until 1947 when the now … Continue Reading


Something About the French Aura Born in Milan, Ettore Bugatti founded the self dignifying automobile company Bugatti in 1909 while residing in Molsheim, France. Known for excruciating attention to detail and marvel in engineering and artistry, Bugatti has been nothing less than a juggernaut in the hypercar realm. Seen as the epitome of wealth and … Continue Reading

Brief History of BMW

 Germany and its Never Ending Dynasty of Automotion Bayerische Motoren Werke which BMW stands for in german, translating to Bavarian Motor Works, is one of the world’s most known motor vehicle companies, unanymous with wealth and luxury. Briefly also producing aircraft engines upto 1945 alongside its motorcycles and automobiles, the company founded in 1916 is … Continue Reading

Cast Wheels

The SC1 is our first cast wheel. We believe the SC1 has a ‘classy’ design with a motorsport edge. We managed to keep weight to a minimum with the SC1 wheel weighing in at 10.5kg and also having a large x factor to accommodate big brake upgrades. SC1 Price List Size PCD Finish Price Additional … Continue Reading

Welcome To Squared Wheels

We are a UK based wheel company founded in late 2011. At Squared Wheels we offer three piece forged wheels and single piece cast wheels. Three piece forged We design and build the wheels ourselves, so we can build you a totally unique set of wheels. With each set of wheels being totally custom to … Continue Reading