Brief History of BMW

 Germany and its Never Ending Dynasty of Automotion

Bayerische Motoren Werke which BMW stands for in german, translating to Bavarian Motor Works, is one of the world’s most known motor vehicle companies, unanymous with wealth and luxury. Briefly also producing aircraft engines upto 1945 alongside its motorcycles and automobiles, the company founded in 1916 is now also a major patron in the motorsport history, known for Formula One, Isle of Man motorbike races prototype racing.

With its origins firmly girthed in the aircraft industry by the merging of three companies in 1916 to 1918 including the famous Rapp Motorenwerke, the company knows its way around supreme engine work. After a brief business hurdle at the end of the first world war, being forced out of the aircraft business due to the Versailles Armistice Treaty, BMW were forced to produce farm equipment and railway brakes to stay afloat in the market.

After the war

After the restrictions of treaty had been lifted, BMW had started to show their prowess in the uber class motorcycles up until 1939, nowadays the motorbikes are marketed under the trademark of Motorrad, a major subsidiary for the company.

Again for the war

During the second world war, BMW had started production on aircraft engines for the Luftwaffe yet again, to solidify the german national forces of the time, the Nazis. After the war, due to multiple bombings in factories and even the headquarters by the allied forces, BMW had to rebuild and started manufacturing automobile engines. After facing near bankruptcy in the 60’s era, the company had to strategize how to maintain business and therefore created the Class Model, eventual series production of the 3, 5 and 7 models and successive hatchback productions followed by purchase of Rolls-Royce and SUV production helped the company only reach towards the skies. After the 2000’s the company’s focus shifted towards turbocharged vehicles and concurrently the hybrid and electric industry.

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